Icons of Ukraine

Icons of Ukraine is an online platform/media that features famous Ukrainian symbols. The primary target audience of the platform are Ukrainians and Ukrainian diaspora in the United States and Canada


Icons of Ukraine creators approached RANOK to create visual branding from scratch, ensure brand recognition via social media promotion, and generate traffic to the project’s website
During 6 months of having SMM maintenance done by RANOK, Icons of Ukraine:
gained almost 2,000 Facebook followers from scratch

got over 6,000 website visitors

produced 30 videos and 30 static designs
SMM Maintenance
As part of SMM maintenance, we created a content plan, wrote copy for posts in English, made static and animated designs, set up and optimized Facebook ads
Through the content, we wanted to show the humorous side of the project as well as augment the creativity of the creator’s idea behind the platform
Facebook post created by Ranok agency
Facebook post created by Ranok agency
Facebook post created by Ranok agency
—The team at RANOK has helped us achieve great things with Facebook and Instagram advertising. They have always been quick to understand our aims and objectives and turned these into comprehensive, and engaging campaigns. As a manager, I value their deep understanding of the platforms they work with, especially the advertising dashboards, as it's easy to get lost or make mistakes if you don't know what you are doing. Furthermore, they are always optimising and improving our ads to deliver outstanding results - which is exactly what our agency needs.
Founder & Director at Veedoo Software & Digital Solutions

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