SMM Consulting by RANOK

Get expert advice on how to improve your SMM from our CEO

Eight years of experience leading editorial teams, marketing departments, and growing her own SMM agency

Photo of the agency CEO Bozhena Sheremeta

Bozhena has been running RANOK for the last three years, growing the team of nine people, and helping dozens of clients in tech, non-profit, veterinary, and media succeed online. Before she started pursuing her entrepreneurial dream, she was helping tech and media companies as an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, managed large editorial teams, produced videos that got millions of views, interviewed celebs and politicians as a journalist at the World Economic Forum, and fundraised over $17,000 for a non-profit tech media startup in Ukraine. Bozhena is a natural at social media content and problem-solving. So if you have a social media problem, Bozhena has a solution for you. You will receive a recording of your Zoom consultation after it's finished.

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